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Bostadsrättsföreningen Malmparken 1 is located on Malmvägen 14A - 16C, and consists of about 150 apartments, and the building also has a number of businesses.
The association was formed at the end of 2019, and our ambition is to create a safe environment in one of Sollentuna's best locations, with proximity to the water, the center, fantastic communications, and where we care about each other and together contribute to creating a safe environment for our neighbors and fellow human beings.


The annual report for 2020 is now available to all members, please search the news page.

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Statues & financial Plan

Click below to download and read the statutes and financial plan for BRF Malmparken 1.

Statues (swe)
Financial plan

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Open between 13:00-15:00

MP1 premise at 14A


Open between 13:00-15:00

MP1 premise at 14A


Open between 13:00-15:00

MP1 premise at 14A


Annual General Meeting at Scandic Star Hotel - Coloseum

One per home applies due to COVID-19 restrictions.


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Ahmed Amin Ramz

Commissioner Vice President / Secretary Amin knows that joy is contagious, so he is positive. He is a trained economist who specializes in accounting, finance and business management.

Mesut Korkmaz


Mesut is a trained economist who specializes in auditing. As an auditor, he supports us to always be within the legal framework and guarantee the association's integrity.

Barkat Hussein


Barkat values transparency, has a good ability to work together and believes in democratic values.

Arshia Motamedi


Former real estate agents, who has good insight into the more practical obstacles that a brf may encounter. She has a strong will and is always willing to take responsibility.

Selhattin Yildiz


Selhattin is an engineering student who supports most of the renovation and future construction issues that the association plans. He is easy to learn and passionate about results.

Okan Yetke


Okan is passionate about security issues. He works frantically with preventive measures in the local area.

Biyan Bozan


Biyan our own firefighter, makes sure we have a safe association, and supports with fire safety issues.

Joseph Aho


Our civil engineer who helps us decide on construction projects and repairs.

Bekir Korkmaz


Bekir is a civil engineer who has strong knowledge of construction and interior design, he helps the association to be able to plan right next to renovations and construction.

Zahid Khan


Zahid is a service technician in electricity, who is always ready to take the extra step.

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